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Important points to know about heating mantle machine

When it comes to various laboratories and laboratory equipment, the heating mantle is quite an important machine.

  • The heating mantle is used to heat liquids with the help of a flask and electricity. The
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What is RotapSieve Shaker?

Rotap Sieve Shaker is used separate particles in different working environments. Rotap Sieve Shaker Manufacturers make the product for use in various working conditions. Rotap sieve shaker is one of the most popular products from SETEST brand

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Roll Crusher Machine

April 13, 2021
Roll crusher machine is useful in crushing the friable material. It is used to crush materials like coal, salt, bauxite, limestone, clay, and other materials. Once businesses get this product from roll crusher manufacturers in Delhi, India, they use it for primary, secondary, and tertiary stage crus
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Specification of Precision Lab Water Bath

  • Precise hot Air Drying and Sterilization.
  • Burnt Better Mineral / Glass wool / Blanket Air Circulation The surface of the instruments from being Insulation keeps
  • unique Design provide for the salient hot air blower of througho
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Construction Material Testing (CMT) mainly includes the testing of the structural materials that are utilized for building the new structures. The process of material testing is an important aspect for ensuring the quality of the material being used in the construction.

At Civil Lab Eq

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Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of civil engineering laboratory equipment in India. Our range of high laboratory quality laboratory equipment are utilized by a vast customer base for testing the elasticity, durability and strength

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The Automatic Servo Controlled Compression Testing Machine made available by Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer is perfect for conducting compression tests. The compression tests can be conducted on allied products and concrete specimens. Our range of compression testing machines a

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The Computerized Servo Hydraulic Compression Testing machine is used for the purpose of testing the compressive strength of the rocks, bricks, cement and concrete. The machine can also be used for performing the shear test, anti-break test as well as elastic module test of the co

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Objective of Clay Lumps And Friable Particles

At times, in natural aggregates, friable and clay particles are present in the form of lumps. And, if they are close to surface, then lumps can result in dent under the impact of traffic. Thus, these particles can be made l
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The purpose of the sand equivalent value test is to ascertain the percentage of unwanted particles in the aggregate fraction utilized in the manufacturing of concrete mixtures of Portland cement. The method is also suitable for ascertaining the related amount of

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