Automatic Compression Testing Machine with Servo Control Motor

Automatic Compression Testing Machine with Servo Control Motor

The Automatic Compression Testing Machine with Servo Control Motor made available by Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer is perfect for conducting compression tests. The compression tests can be conducted on allied products and concrete specimens. Our range of compression testing machines are highly sophisticated and they function on the principal of close loop.

The system of the machine can be loaded on strain control basis, displacement and load basis. Additionally, there is one spherical seating that comprises of 4 piece oil and which confirm to the Indian Standards of quality.

In the machine, there is an automatic pacing system which can be achieved with the help of advanced electronic and hydraulic system. The flow of hydraulic ram is controlled through the signals which pass through the servo valve through PID controller for the flow to the hydraulic ram thereby keeping the pace rate within permissible limit of the pre programmed value.

Automatic Compression Testing Machine with Servo Control Motor Salient Features

  • The Automatic Servo Controlled Compression Testing Machine confirms to the testing procedures that belong to the national and international standards.
  • The machine is perfect for the dynamic tests on rock that are static and having low frequency.
  • The machine facilitates operations that are fully controlled and comes equipped with software.
  • Based on Se-Test India HYDRAULIC CLOSED LOOP FEEDBACK control mechanism
  • Capable to control multiple frames up to 4 from same hydraulic power pack
  • Controlling on Load or Displacement or user supplied strain gage quarter Bridge or External displacement sensors as mounted on specimen
  • There is one data acquisition card which is of high speed of up to 100 kHz sampling rate.
  • The machine can be controlled via computer.
  • Se-test Pace Rat in all control modes, including user input file for loading/hoId/ unloading applications
  • In the machine, high Data speed Acquisition card with 100 kHz sampling rate
  • Se-test Facility to change to the parameter like rate of load or rate of displacement without no stopping and without restarting during testing
  • Sample can be set through inching and releasing operation
  • Behavior of specimens post failure can also be studied through the software
  • Safety limits is prescribed for indicating over load and over travel.

Following are the main components of Automatic Compression Testing Machine with Servo Control Motor

  • The Loading Frame
  • Computer Based Control System
  • Application Software
  • Hydraulic Power Pack

Safety Features

  • Protection for over load and over travel
  • To ensure operator safety, front door is given
  • Indicator for low oil level
  • Safety against oil contamination is also given
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