Heating Mantle Machine Manufacturers

Heating Mantle Machine

Important points to know about heating mantle machine

When it comes to various laboratories and laboratory equipment, the heating mantle is quite an important machine.

  • The heating mantle is used to heat liquids with the help of a flask and electricity. The machine was invented in 1972 and since then it’s been used the world over.
  • The heating mantle machine is also called an iso-mantle or heating jacket in various places. The machine is quite safe and easy to use in all types of working environments. It comes with durable and shockproof material as well as a chemical-resistant outer body. There is no risk of spill and you get consistency in stirring and heating.
  • The heating mantle machine is also used in Distillation, evaporation, Extraction, and Heating, and boiling purposes.
  • If you’re looking for a healing mantle, always prefer a machine made with an aluminum or stainless steel body. Also, check that there is a smooth and fine metallic coating on the outer layer of the machine.
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