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Sieve Shakers Machine

Sieve Shakers Machine - When it comes to knowledge about sieve shakers, there are lots of confusion among the different stakeholder with respects to its definition, calibration, type, cost, and much other information. There is tons of information about it but get

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Permeability Test Apparatus is important to use concrete testing equipment to check the permeability of the concrete. This test is very important when it comes to dealing with the durability of concrete. In this blog, we will discuss all the aspects of the permeability test.

What is a

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Building Construction Materials Testing Lab Equipment mainly includes the testing of the structural materials that are utilized for building the new structures. The process of material testing is an important aspect for ensuring the quality of the material being used in the construction.

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Civil Engineering Laboratory Equipment India

Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of civil engineering laboratory equipment in India. Our range of high laboratory quality laboratory equipment are utilized by a vast customer b

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Core Cutting Grinding The Ends Of Concrete Cylinders And Cores


Core Cutting Grinding Of Concrete procedure mainly gives instructions about the preparation of cores and concrete cylinders for testing the modulus elasticity, tensile strength and compressive

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Slump Cone Test Of Fresh Concrete (Slump Cone Test Apparatus)


The test is conducted for basically measuring the functionality or the consistency of the fresh concrete. This is primarily for the concrete where the overall size of the

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Concrete Cube Test of the standards have predefined the approval criteria of quality concrete. In almost all the conditions, the compressive strength of 28 days shall be the individual benchmark for accepting or rejecting the concrete. Moreover, the compressive strength test of the concrete can b

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Flexural Strength Test is used to evaluate the tensile strength of the concrete in an indirect way. It tests the capacity of the slab or unreinforced concrete beam to endure bending failure.

The outcome of the flexural test on the concrete are demonstrated as a modulus rupture which is sig
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