Building Construction Materials Testing Lab Equipment

Building Construction Materials Testing Lab Equipment mainly includes the testing of the structural materials that are utilized for building the new structures. The process of material testing is an important aspect for ensuring the quality of the material being used in the construction.

At Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer, we take extensive expertise in manufacturers and suppliers and exporters construction materials testing lab equipment of the best quality.

Our assortment of testing lab equipment are particularly used in civil engineering building, highway engineering lab equipment, construction materials testing lab,as well as Geo-technical engineering lab equipment among others.

The building construction materials testing lab equipment in Delhi, India that we provide are designed in compliance with best quality parameters. They find their application in the field of engineering as well as construction areas.

We make available our range of testing lab equipment in standard specifications as well as customized specifications. Our exclusive assortment of construction materials testing lab equipment are popular for dispensing enhanced performance in harsh and tough conditions.

The range offered of equipment comprises of aggregate testing instruments, cement concrete testing instruments, bar bending and cutting and soil testing instruments among others. Each of the equipment are made available in desired quantity and as per the desired specifications at most competitive prices.


  • The equipment helps in controlling the concrete uniformity in each part of the building or the structure.
  • he equipment also helps in determining how the properties of concrete changes over a period of time.
  • Concrete mechanical features and properties are evaluated with the help of the correlation curves.
  • It also helps in verifying the concrete properties along the construction.
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