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Roll crusher machine is useful in crushing the friable material. It is used to crush materials like coal, salt, bauxite, limestone, clay, and other materials. Once businesses get this product from roll crusher manufacturers in Delhi, India, they use it for primary, secondary, and tertiary stage crushing. Mining, power generation, recycling, food processing, construction, and various other industries use roll crusher. It does the crushing work where the size of minerals is big. It is not feasible to use small tools for crushing a large piece of material. Businesses look for crushing instruments because it makes transportation and processing easy. In the pre-industrial era, people were using handheld devices for crushing the material. Even today this method is used in the household, but it can not handle the large material. In the industrial setup, there is a wide range of equipment that is used for crushing. The features and functionality of different equipment vary from each other. Some equipment is as follows- • Jaw crusher • Roll crusher • Cone crusher • Impact crusher • Composite crusher • Gyratory crusher In this informative blog, we will discuss all roll crushers. What is a roll crusher? Roll crusher works for different materials. Whether you are using the crusher for the single-stage crushing or the final stage crushing, the process is the same. Depending on the requirement, the business decides the crushing stage. The functionality of the roll crusher is a combination of compression, shear, and impact. These three are the working principles of roll crusher. When someone enters the material inside the crusher, impact force occurs. Afterward, the inserted material is impacted by the rotating roll. In the crushing process, the material is pulled between crushing rolls and crushing plates. At that place, shear and compression forces work. Based on the size reduction, you can do double, triple, and quad roll configurations. Ideally, experts stress the need to do triple and quad configuration in case of two-stage reduction. In the first stage, the single and double configuration can be done. Roll crusher suppliers in Delhi, India, supply a variety of roll crushers like single roll, double roll. Triple roll and quad roll. Based on your requirement, these products provide a substantial return at a low cost. The product is made up of a fabricated steel base frame and a rugged design. It also gives the option for versatility, roll speed adjustment, and gap speed settings. Points to consider when looking for perfect roll crusher manufacturers, Selecting a proper roll machine crusher looks like a herculean task for business, but if you have some knowledge about the basic features of the product, it becomes easy. Consider these points when looking for roll crusher suppliers in Delhi, India. 1. Crushing material- In the market, different models and a variety of products are available. Even some companies manufacture special products to cater to the need of the specific industry. If you are sure about using the roll crusher for particular crushing material, go for a specific machine. That way you save money and get a very useful product. 2. Compressive strength- It defines the quality of a material or structure to withstand loads tending to reduce size. Ask the sellers about the compressive strength. More compressive strength defined that the product is heavy-duty. 3. Feed size- Workers need to enter the materials into the machine that passes through the feed size. If the feed size is more, the machine can handle large materials. A business requires to pay higher in case of a big feed size. Consider the cost factor, before settling on one. Diameter and width are vital. 4. Moisture content- Many roll crusher machine does not work efficiently on materials with moisture. As a business, you should enquire about moisture content from roll crusher exporters in Delhi, India. A heavy-duty machine minimizes the moisture too. 5. Product size- The outcome of the machine is called product size. Machines have different product size criteria and you should consider these features while buying. 6. Presence of refuse in the feed- The machine leaves some material inside the feed. The amount and type of refuse present in the feed decide the efficacy of the machine. 7. Others- Ratio of reduction and capacity another important point to consider while buying from roll crusher exporters in Delhi, India. You should also ask about roll speed, roll width, bulk density, gap setting, roll diameter, etc. from roll crusher suppliers in Delhi, India. Points to know about roll crusher The machine comes with different capacities, and not anyone can distinguish between them. To decide single stage or double stage crusher, you should enquire about feed size and desired product size. The performance of the machine is decided on the typical ratio of reduction. Here are some details. As a business, you might feel lost in choosing the effective machine from roll crusher manufacturers in India. Here are some details- • Single roll crusher- 6:- 1. Good for shale, slate, bauxite, salt, soft shale, etc. • Double roll crusher- 4:1. Good for Quicklime, coke, salt, burnt lime, kaolin, brick, sticky feeds, glass, oil shale, trone, etc. • Triple roll crusher- 6:- 1 (Top Stage) and 4: 1 (Downstage). Good for Coal, salt, Glass, etc. • Quad roll crusher- 4:1 (Top and down both stage). Good for pet coke, potash operation, coal, salt, etc. Besides roll crushers, companies also use other technologies like Impact crushers, Hammermills, DDC-sizers, and others. Every method and machine has its advantages and disadvantages. So the business should decide the best one for them. We are hopeful that you have got good information about roll crusher. When buying this product from roll crusher machine manufacturers in Delhi, Indiaconsider the above-mentioned facts.
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