Computerized Servo Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine

Computerized Servo Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine

The Computerized Servo Hydraulic Compression Testing machine is used for the purpose of testing the compressive strength of the rocks, bricks, cement and concrete. The machine can also be used for performing the shear test, anti-break test as well as elastic module test of the concrete having distinctive measurement assembly and compression fixtures. The machine is perfect for use in research centers, test laboratories as well as engineering colleges.

The Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer Computerized Servo Hydraulic Compression Testing machine has been designed in a way which enables high accuracy, versatility and speed. Some of the useful features of the machine are given below:

  • The loading accuracy is very good which is as high as 0.5% of the reading
  • The machine is suited for wide range of materials
  • The operation is computer based which is highly user-friendly
  • The frame is quite sturdy and robust in construction
  • Emergency stop, both side fragment guard and adjustable limit switch are some of the safety features.
  • Full safety feature like emergency stop, se-test ram over travel protection by full lengths adjustable and switch limit
  • The electronic loading accuracy protection maximum 100 percent of capacity
  • The electronic fragment guard both side

The load measurement of the machine supplied by us is linear sensor for the cross head travel. The machine features a control mechanism which is based on a computerized controller having a dedicated software as well as ad on cards. Further, it provides control in both automatic as well as the manual mode. Some extra features include in the form of display on the PC monitor which is both graphical as well as numerical.


Machine Capacity : The Computerized Servo Hydraulic Compression Testing machine capacity 2000 KN of masonry specimen of the size 500 mm wide and height 900 mm. Computerized Servo Compression concrete cube 200 mm and concrete cylinders 160 by 320

Load Frame: The Computerized Servo Hydraulic Compression Testing machine welded steel plate frame clearance allowable 600 mm horizontal

Loading Platen: Compression Testing machine loading platen hardened dia. 300 mm and hardness 550 HV 30

Mounting: Compression Testing machine free standing with vertical mounted base

Load Range: Our Compression machine load range 20 to 2000 KN with present for 500 KN, 1000 KN and 2000 KN

Load Resolution: our resolution 1: 100000

Load Accuracy : our accuracy reading of +/- 0.5% between 4%-100% range

Length Measurement: Length measurement linear sensor for cross head travel

Length Resolution: Length Resolution for cross head travel 0.01 mm

Length Accuracy: Length Accuracy for cross head travel +/- 0.1 mm

Ram Speed or Strain Rate :Ram Speed or Strain Rate0.2-200 mm/min and resolution of 0.1 mm/min. Ram Travel:our ram 50 mm,

Max. TravelDaylight : ourtravel daylight 300 mm, 500 mm, 750 mm and 1000 mm

Operation/Test Modes : Computerized Servo Hydraulic Compression Testing machine is a rapid approach and slow loading, programmed load ramp KN/sec or Mpa/sec and displacement control um/sec.

Actuator Drive: Computerized Servo Hydraulic Compression hydraulic controlled cylinder machine

Control Mechanism : Hydraulic Compression machine fully computerized controlled based with dedicated software and provide control in both add on cards

PC Configuration : Hydraulic Compression testing machine is Intel atom processor 1.6 GHz, with CD-R/RW, 256MB RAM, 40GB HDD. Mouse, Keyboard, 1 serial COM port, 2 USB port, 1 printer port and window Xp professional

Safety Feature : Hydraulic Compression machine can u emergency stop, Ram Over Travel Protection by full length adjustable limit switch, electronic over load protection max. upto 100% of capacity, both side fragment guar.

Pace Rate: Automatic Servo ControlledCTM machine having high precision digital micro-valve with force closed-loop control function with servo motor. It can realize constant rate of loading or equal stress rate loading. It has high control precision and good reliability.

Software for Analysis and control : servo Hydraulic Compression machine window based software dedicated for control of computerized CTM. It is useful for on line data acquisition PC AS WELL AS data analysis. It is user friendly with feature such as:

  • Digital Display for load and deformation
  • Online as well as offline graphical Display of Load Time Curve
  • Test Result of database
  • Speed control and automatic samples
  • Printing reports for test samples
  • Ability to store test data
  • Statistical analysis using multigraph

Display : Both Numerical and Graphical Display on Pc Monitor

Units : Metric, Imperial and SI User Programmable

Size : servo Hydraulic Compression machine size 1800 (H) * 800(W)* 800(D) mm nominal, with base Frame

Weight :Servo Hydraulic Compression machine NET WEIGHT 800 kg


  • There is a set of compression plates for simply adjusting the heights.
  • The machine also comes with one flexure test attachment having a capacity of 100 KN
Written by:- civillabequipment for Cement