Precision Lab Water Bath Delhi

Specification of Precision Lab Water Bath

  • Precise hot Air Drying and Sterilization.
  • Burnt Better Mineral / Glass wool / Blanket Air Circulation The surface of the instruments from being Insulation keeps
  • unique Design provide for the salient hot air blower of throughout uniform air movement and improved Temperature distribution.
  • Ventilation keep the surface Unique design of the instrument being burnt
  • Oven Temperature maintained 200°C
  • Steeliness Steel interior used 304 grade polish corrosion resistant long-life operation having adjustable shelves to make more space for different height.
  • Digital Temperature Controller Cum Indicator and Microprocessor Based Best quality PID Temperature Bi-Metallic Hydraulic capillary Thermostat, full features with Controller Cum Indicator having alarm facility (On Customer Request)
  • Technical Parameters:

    Control Panel: Mains Panel and Load Indicator, Main Switch for fan and Temperature Controller

    Temperature Range: Ambient temperature Controlled Range to 50°C to 250°C.

    Temperature Stability: Microprocessor Based PID Temp. Controller +-1°C to+- 0.5°C

    Housing Material: CRC Powder Coated with Mild Steel

    Interior Tank: Water Tank duly sealed leak proof with Steeliness Steel 304 grade

    Power Consumption: Single Phase AC Supply 220/230V

    Insulation: Glasswool Or Mineral Wool

    Optional: Steeliness Steel 304 grade Customer demand outer body

    Duty Cycle: Do check water level as per test requirement Continuous

    Model Single Walled Double Walled 6 Holes 12 Holes Racks D. Walled Racks D. Walled Racks D. Walled Racks D. Walled
    Capacity “L” 8 Ltrs. 15 Ltrs 8 Ltrs. 15 Ltrs. 14 Ltrs. 18 Ltrs. 25 Ltrs. 30 Ltrs.
    Heater watts Kettle Element 1.5/ 2.0KW 510mm 1.5 KW 1.5 KW 2.0 KW 2.0 KW 2.0 KW
    Wall Shelves 1 1 1 1 1
    InternalDimensions (mm) 300 x 250 x 100 425 x 325 x 100 300 x 250 x 100 425 x 325 x 100 300 x 250 x 175 325 x 300 x 175 450 x 300 x 175 600 x 300 x 175
    Opening Bath 6 Holes of 3″ Dia 12 Holes of 3″ Dia 6 Holes of 3″ Dia 12 Holes of 3″ Dia SS Plain Lid SS Plain Lid SS Plain Lid SS Plain Lid

    SE-Test India Pvt. Ltd. offers complete range of Precision Lab Water Bath for use by the engineers and technicians in diverse niches of construction and development. SE-Test India manufactures, suppliers and exporters wide range of Precision Lab Water Bath that are made use of in the Laboratory Heating and Cooling Instruments.

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