The Computerized Servo Hydraulic Compression Testing machine is used for the purpose of testing the compressive strength of the rocks, bricks, cement and concrete. The machine can also be used for performing the shear test, anti-break test as well as elastic module test of the co

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Aggregate plays a vital role when it comes to pavement construction. To a great extent, the affect of aggregate decides the load transfer capability of the pavements. Apart from that, the aggregate should be strong and posses great durability. Moreover, they should come equipped with proper shape an
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Objective of Clay Lumps And Friable Particles

At times, in natural aggregates, friable and clay particles are present in the form of lumps. And, if they are close to surface, then lumps can result in dent under the impact of traffic. Thus, these particles can be made l
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Sand Equivalent Value Test of the purpose is to ascertain the percentage of unwanted particles in the aggregate fraction utilized in the manufacturing of concrete mixtures of Portland cement. The method is also suitable for ascertaining the related amount of harm

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Objective Drying Shrinkage of Hardened Concrete method of testing describes the process of ascertaining the drying shrinkage or modification in length of concrete’s specimen because of alteration in moisture content.


  • An apparatus consist
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Slump Cone Test Of Fresh Concrete (Slump Cone Test Apparatus)


The test is conducted for basically measuring the functionality or the consistency of the fresh concrete. This is primarily for the concrete where the overall size of the

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Majority of the standards have predefined the approval criteria of quality concrete. In almost all the conditions, the compressive strength of 28 days shall be the individual benchmark for accepting or rejecting the concrete. Moreover, the compressive strength test of the concrete can be carried

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Flexural test is used to evaluate the tensile strength of the concrete in an indirect way. It tests the capacity of the slab or unreinforced concrete beam to endure bending failure.
The outcome of the flexural test on the concrete are demonstrated as a modulus rupture which is signified as (
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