Cement Testing Lab Equipments

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Civil lab equipment manufacturer offers complete range of cement testing equipment for use by the engineers and technicians in diverse niches of construction and development. Our cement testing lab equipment have been designed in consonance with the precise requirements of the professionals who need to ensure the material attributes. All the equipment are developed as per the global standards and with highest accuracy so as to ensure that every reading is perfectly captured and the analyses are done well.

For years, we have been catering the engineering and construction firms as also universities and polytechnics and the research fellows. Our ‘in house’ R and D team continuously endeavors to maintain excellence in the production while at the same time achieving front line competence through innovation. Our cement testing equipment range comprises the products of high sophistication and is meant to serve the challenging projects in the field of civil engineering. SE-Test India has dynamically responded to the challenging demands of precision in the ever expanding construction sector and is today considered as the preferred cement testing equipment suppliers!

With such a vast products portfolio, SE-Test India is now counted among the top cement testing equipment manufacturers in the world. We also make custom products of resonant applicative value for the enterprises in civil engineering sector.

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