Fill Box Apparatus

Model No.: SET-1146

IS 7535 1986 ASTM C 183 AASHTO T 127

Fill box apparatus manufacturers produce the machine with mild steel material. The usage or application of the product is used to measure the filling ability of self compacting concrete. The diameter of the machine is 20 MM, staying adhere to ASTM C1621 standard. The manufacturing unit is located in India performing self compacting concrete tests also known as Kajima test.

The purpose of the Kajima test is utilized to measure the filing ability of self compacting concrete with the aggregate radius or diameter size of 20 mm. The prices of the product mentioned here are changed as per the change in the capacity. There is a minimum order quantity of one machine at a time.

The Compliance or testing machine as per the International Standards Fill box apparatus:

Fill box apparatus is made as per the compliance or testing machine international standards ASTM C1621. We are a leading civil engineering lab equipment manufacturers also specialize in producing Fill Box Apparatus Manufacturers, supplying, and exporting such products. We were established in the year 2005, take pride in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting mechanical and civil lab engineering lab products. We are precise in manufacturing finest quality machines as per the BS, DIN, ATMS, and JIS safety and quality standards. We offer a wide range of machines to perform testing and other tasks.

Salient Features of Fill Box Apparatus:

  • The fill box apparatus machine is made with the usage of concrete testing in grey color.
  • The purpose of the test is utilized to measure the filling ability of self-compacting concrete keeping the maximum aggregate size of concrete at 20 mm.
  • The type of the product is fill box apparatus for concrete testing.
  • We deliver all India with ISO 9001:2015 certification.
  • The test performed by this machinery is also known as Kajima test.

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