Concrete Rebound Hammer Tester

Model No.: SET-1109


Concrete Rebound Hammer Tester method is based on the principle that the rebound of an elastic mass depends on the hardness of the concrete surface against which the mass strikes. The operation of the rebound hammer is shown in figure-1. When the plunger of rebound hammer is pressed against the concrete surface, the spring controlled mass in the hammer rebounds. The amount of rebound of the mass depends on the hardness of concrete surface.

Thus, the hardness of concrete and rebound hammer reading can be correlated with compressive strength of concrete. The rebound value is read off along a graduated scale and is designated as the rebound number or rebound index. The compressive strength can be read directly from the graph provided on the body of the hammer.

To determine the compressive strength of the concrete by relating the rebound index and the compressive strength

To assess the uniformity of the concrete
To assess the quality of the concrete based on the standard specifications
To relate one concrete element with other in terms of quality

Weight1.5 kgaprox
Conforms to StandardBS 1881: Part 202, IS 13311 Part 1, ASTM C-805
Weight1.5 kgaprox
RangeRebound Number10 to 60
Resolution2 Rebound Number(s)
Impact Energy2.207 Nm
AccuracyError ±2 Rebound Numbers when tested on Calibration Anvil

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