Compaction Factor Apparatus

Model No.: SET-1104

IS 1199, 5515 BS 1881-103

Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Compaction Factor Apparatus. Compaction Factor Apparatus is mainly used for the purpose of determining the compaction factor of concrete with high, medium and low workability.

The apparatus supplied by Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer mainly comprises of two conical hoppers that stays mounted on a cylinder. Each hopper consists of hinged flange and is equipped with quick release mechanism with everything supported on a rigid steel frame.

The compaction factor is the ratio between the weight of the compacted concrete compared to the weight of the concrete when entirely compacted within the same mould. The partially compacted concrete’s weight in comparison to its fully compacted state gives a proper idea of the functionality of the concrete.

Supplied complete with one plaster’s trowel and one tamping rod, 16 mm dia x 600 mm long, both ends rounded.

Following are the accessories that are provided along the Compaction Factor Apparatus.

  • One Plaster’s Trowel
  • One Tamping Rod with both ends round

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