Steel Cylinder Mould Dia. 150 x 300 mm

Model No.: SET-1001

IS 7535 1986 ASTM C 183 AASHTO T 127

Reusable steel molds are available in difference size for concrete specimens. SETEST steel molds provide precious and uniform results under repeat severe use. Molds are split on one side and secured with two fast-release connectors. When released the screw, the mold springs open slightly to allow easy removal of the specimen.

The 4” mold and 6” mold are fabricated with 1/8” wall. The heavy duty 6” mold is manufactured with ¼” wall with lifting handle. SETEST Steel molds are furnished with a detachable base pate made from ¼” steel plate. All steel mold components are zinc or nickel coated to resist rust.

Meets ASTM C31, C39, C192, C470; and AASHTO T22, T23, T126, T198

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