Length Comparator

Model No.: SET-1013

IS 1199-1959 IS 4031 1968 BS 1881 ASTM C 151, C490

Length Comparators are used for the purpose of measuring length changes mortar, hardened cement paste and concrete prismatic specimens. A study upright support that comes attached to a solid triangular base mounts the indicators. The equipment comprises of an invar reference bar, movable and stationary anvils fabricated to fit the gauge studs of H – 3260 which are then cast into the specimens of the test.

Following are the three main components that length comparators consist of –
  • An upright frame base, which comprises of a collar and adjustable terminal on the base.
  • A digital indicator or dial with a collar or adjustable terminal.
  • A reference bar for the purpose of calibration. For this purpose, an invar test bar is included for this purpose.

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