Air Entrainment Meter

Model No.: SET-1001

IS 1199 1959 BS 1881-106

Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer Air Entrainment Meter with model is manufacturers as per the industry defined standards. Air Entrainment Meter are the commonly required in the laboratory.

The apparatus consists of a pressure tight flanged with cylindrical measuring bowl and bowl is fitted with a removable flanged with conical cover assembly with the help of a seal. The conical cover has an air valve and a petcock for bleeding off the extra water. A transparent cylindrical stand pipe which is graduated in air content is fixed to the conical cover assembly. Pressure is applied to the specimen with the help of a pressure bulb and the pressure is recorded on the pressure gauge which is mounted on the stand pipe. The whole assembly is mounted on a flat base. The instrument is supplied complete with one each following accessories. Calibration cylinder with spring clamp, trowel, tamping rod, straight edge. Rubber mallet and measure.

Models: A Bowl Capacity: 0.005 cubic meter
B Bowl Capacity: 0.007 cubic meter
C Bowl Capacity: 0.01 cubic meter
D Bowl Capacity: 0.01 cubic mete

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