Universal Testing Machine For Adhesive Bond Test

Model No.: SET-


Our Universal Testing Machine (UTM) meets several standards to make sure it works well for different tests. These standards include:

BIS 15477
EN 1348
EN 12003
EN 12004
BS 5980 (1980)
ANSI 118.1
ISO 13007
BIS 15477:2019

Universal Testing Machine For Adhesive Bond Test Applications

The purpose of the machine is to determine the tensile adhesion strength for cement adhesive. The application of the machine is done in civil engineering applications to determine the shear adhesion strength of dispersion and reaction resin adhesive. Another reason of the machine is to analyze the flexural strength of cement adhesive and grout material.

Universal Testing Machine For Adhesive Bond Test Other details:

Our UTM has some cool features that make it a great addition to any lab:

  • It’s a floor-standing model, so it’s stable.
  • It looks good on the outside.
  • The part that holds the load is tough and long-lasting.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It meets multiple standards, including EN 1348, EN 12004, EN 12003, BS 5980, BIS 15477, and ANSI 118.1.
  • It has two Load cells, a 5KN one and a 30KN one.
  • It uses an AC Induction Motor and AC drive to control speed.
  • It has a computer with a screen for control.
  • It can automatically adjust the load and strain rates.
  • You can choose the Load cell you want to use.
  • It’s safe because it has overload and extension protection.
  • There’s an emergency stop button for added safety.
  • It can move the test parts up and down automatically.
  • You can control the speed of testing.
  • It can show how much something has stretched accurately.
  • It comes with software that connects to a computer and helps you analyze the data.
  • You can save the data in Excel or PDF files.
  • We provide an instruction manual, test report, and calibration certificate.

Dedicated Software Specifications

Our special software makes the UTM even better:

  • It connects to your computer using RS 232.
  • You can record things like how much something can hold, how much it stretches, and more.
  • You can customize how the graphs look.
  • You can compare different tests and see the results.
  • It can scale the graphs and even add your company logo.
  • You can store data from all the tests you’ve done.
  • It’s easy to use with a menu.
  • You can print test reports and graphs.
  • You can choose the units for your data.
  • You can control the machine with the software.
  • You can save your data in Excel, PDF, and other file formats.
  • It can store lots of test data (up to 50,000 tests), depending on your computer’s storage.

Commissioning of Universal Testing Machine

To set up the UTM properly, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the foundation for the machine is ready as per the drawings from the manufacturer.
  • Connect all the wires and cables before the machine arrives.
  • Arrange for the machine to be unloaded and placed on the foundation when it arrives, and be ready to provide some basic help from your end.

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