Single Column Tensile Testing Machine

Model No.: SET-1335


Universal Tensile Testing Machine For Geotextile is equipped with double Load cells, Auto Load rate/Strain rate control utilizing AC Drive, easy load cell selection switch, Speed Variation ranges from 10 mm/min to 350 mm/min, Extension indication with least count of 0.01 mm, PC Software with RS-232. There is an Interface facility Supplied complete with Instruction manual, Test report, and calibration certificate. Additionally, there are Fixtures and Test Grips for different tests available at additional charges applied.

There is a DISPLAY SYSTEM AND CONNECTIVITY available with the machine.

The Salient Features of Universal Tensile Testing Machine For Geotextile:

  • Equipped with Twin (Dual) Load cells
  • Model for floor standing
  • Custom designed Induction Motor controlled operation
  • Aesthetically sound exterior
  • Durable load frame
  • Simplified operation of machine
  • There are options of equipping different types of grips with a variety of test samples as per the ASTM Standards.
  • Feature-packed and fully equipped with AC Induction Motor, Variable AC Frequency drive and Microprocessor based Controller.
  • The Auto Load rate/Strain rate control utilizing AC Drive
  • The availability of Easy load cell selection switch.
  • The Permanently mounted calibrated load cells.
  • Fulfilling the parameter for mechanical safety Overload & extension protection with the use of limited switches.
  • Also fitted with Emergency stop button to stop the test in between
  • The smooth movement of Cross-head travels (START-STOP-UP-DOWN) with Automatic electronic controllable system.
  • The Auto-stop / Return of cross heads to the home position when sample breaks.
  • The availability of controlling speed variation with separate Servo Drive ranges from 10 mm/min to 350 mm/min.
  • The Extension indication with the least count of 0.01 mm through Proximity switch.
  • The availability of separate PC Software with Interface facility RS-232
  • Ease of transmitting the generated data to excel files for further analysis.
  • Supplies are completed with Instruction manual, Test report and calibration certificate.
  • Commissioning of universal testing machine:

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How does Universal Tensile Testing Machine For Geotextilecommission happen?

The foundation of the machine is determined by the drawings sent by our team to customers in the first communication. The electrical connections to be accomplished prior to the machine reaching and rendering the assistance or support of semi/unskilled labor for the completion of commissioning. The Unloading of machine and installation of the foundation has to be settled at the customer end. The connection of the machine to the mains through to protect against Voltage fluctuations is essential.

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