Groove Cutter Machine

Model No.: SET-1510

Standards:ASTM 2938, D7012

This Product is used to determine material behavior under applied crushing loads. The machine also applies compressive pressure to a test specimen of different types. This Product from an unconfined compression tester for rock manufacturers in Delhi, India is used in laboratory, industrial setup, field inspection, and other scientific purposes. It decides the shearing and unrestrained compress strength of the material. Our Product comes with advanced features that help in showing results, including moisture and without moisture. It is used in soil mechanics laboratories too.

Specifications of Unconfined compression tester for rocks:

  • World-class design:- We are a vital player in the field of unconfined compression tester for rock exporters, and our design is world-class.
  • Capable of handling different sample sizes:- The Product functions on spring attached load frame and efficiently manages samples of varying sizes.
  • Availability of different varieties:- unconfined compression tester for rock suppliers supply three types of strains. Depending on your requirement and cost consideration, you may buy 1.5mm/min, 2.0 mm/min, and 3.0 mm/min.


  • Two types of the operating method- Automatic and manual
  • Dial Gauze- 0.01 MM x 25 MM
  • Rates of strain: 12 fixed speeds between 1.25 and 0.0064 mm/minute
  • Fitted with Stepper Motor
  • Suitable for operation on 230 V, 50 Hz, single phase, AC supply

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