Groove Cutter Machine

Model No.: SET-1510

Standards:ASTM 2938, D7012

This equipment is used for determining unconfined compressive strength of intact rock core specimens. The rock sample is cut to length and theends are machined flat. Thes pecimen is placed in a loading frame and, if required, heated to the desired test temperature. Axial load is continuously increased on the specimen until peak load and failureare obtained.

The load frame is extremely versatile and designed to conductTriaxial Unconfined test andUnconfined compression test on rock specimens with diameters from38-100mm and AX, BX, NX specimens.

The instrument consists of a cabinet that houses the gear system and motor with sturdy angle iron frame. Loading is done through the bottom loading platen, which is carried on a lead screw that advances upwards. The top load bracket, which slides over two upright pillars, can be positioned at any desired height and locked. It carries a screw adaptor for standard proving rings or load cells.

The loading part of the unit is detachable from the main unit for ease of transport and to avoid damage to the tension rods.

  • Rates of strain: 12 fixedspeeds between 1.25 and0.0064mm/min
  • Suitable for operation on 230V,50Hz, single phase, AC supply