Tile Abrasion Testing Machine

Model No.: SET-1416

IS 1237, IS 1706

At Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer, we manufacturers, suppliers and exporters tile abrasion testing machine used for determination of resistance to wear for Cement and Concrete flooring tiles specimen size is 7.06 cm by 7.06 cm face wise under specific load grinding pressed abrasive powder is evenly spread second parallel side rotating grinding of the tile is subjected to wear for similar number of rotations. Tile abrasion machine is measured on a thickness gauge specifically made for the purpose of tile abrasion testing machine suppliers and manufacturers best quality to our clients in Delhi, India.

Tile abrasion testing machine consists of a disc rotating speed of 30 R.P.M. in a circular tray. Civil lab equipment is provided to hold the specimen counter balance lever loads the specimen load applied is 30 Kgf, funnel is fitted to evenly spread abrasive powder on the grinding path of pre-set counter automatically stops the machine after 22 revolutions.

The machine works on 440 V A.C. Three Phase electrical supply. On request machine 230 V A.C operate. Supply can also be supplied. We are one of the best tile abrasion testing machine manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Delhi, India.