Unit For Solvent Recovery

Model No.: SET-1326


At Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer, we manufacture, suppliers and exporters Solvent recovery unit of best quality to our clients in Delhi, India. Civil Lab Equipment manufacturers, solvent recovery unit is a process system that takes effluent and extracts useful solvents and raw materials back out of the process waste stream. At civil lab recovery of solvents from effluent can be achieved with a variety of technologies and common recovery method is solvent distillation systems, but liquid-liquid extraction, absorption systems, film evaporation, crystallization, and membrane separation application can also be used.

Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer, solvent recovery extracts solvents for re-use out of effluent streams can reduce the demand for purchase of new solvents and process inputs by recovering chemicals can be reused in production of the flush system between runs. Solvent recovery unit can also help regulatory requirements or standards process by cleaning waste streams before they are released from the plant.