Shrinkage Bar Mould

Model No.: SET-1012

IS 4031, 10086 ASTM C 227 & BS 1881

Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer Shrinkage Bar Mould manufacturers,suppliers and exporers in Delhi, India, as per the industry defined IS 4031, 10086, ASTM C 227. AND BS 1881 standards. Shrinkage bar are the commonly required in the laboratory.

Available models:
A : Shrinkage Mould – One gang (One compartment)
B : Shrinkage Bar Moulds – Two gang (Two compartment)
C : Shrinkage Bar – Three gang (Three compartment)
D : Shrinkage Bar Moulds – Four gang (Four compartment)
Spares: Stainless steel smooth or knurled and threaded reference pins as required.
Supplied in packs of one dozen.

Better outcomes may be obtained for you if you have access to the proper instrument from our Shrinkage Bar Mould Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Delhi, India.