Shrinkage Bar Mould

Model No.: SET-1012

IS 4031, 10086 ASTM C 227 & BS 1881

Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer Shrinkage Bar Mould with model is manufacturers as per the industry defined IS 4031, 10086, ASTM C 227. AND BS 1881 standards. Shrinkage bar are the commonly required in the laboratory.

Available models:
A : Shrinkage Mould – One gang (One compartment)
B : Shrinkage Bar Moulds – Two gang (Two compartment)
C : Shrinkage Bar – Three gang (Three compartment)
D : Shrinkage Bar Moulds – Four gang (Four compartment)
Spares: Stainless steel smooth or knurled and threaded reference pins as required.
Supplied in packs of one dozen.