Say Bolt Viscometer

Model No.: SET-1308


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The Say Bolt Viscometer is mainly used for the purpose of ascertaining the viscosity of lubricants and petroleum products. The viscosity is basically measured by gauging the time a 60 cc of material takes to flow through a specific orifice.

The apparatus mainly comprises of stainless-steel bath along with oil cup which is placed centrally in a water bath. The bath features a lid which has a tube for cooling the water along with the multiple handles stirring blades.

Further, the apparatus is also utilized for ascertaining the Saybolt Furol Viscosity of bituminous materials at temperatures in the range of 250º, 275º, 300º, 350º, 400º and 450º F. The apparatus includes single cylindrical oil cup, Furol tip, Universal Tip, Bath Fitted along with the immersion heater that comes placed on a stand. There is also a Dimmer stat for controlling the temperature, as well as a stirrer with the shield.

A Brass Oil Tube
B Receiving Flask, 60ml
C Universal and Furol Tip (Set of 2)
D Filter Funnel
E Thermometer Support
F Heating Coil
G ASTM Thermometer Type 18 F Range : 66°F to 80°F
H ASTM Thermometer Type 19 F Range: 94°F to 80°F
I ASTM Thermometer Type 19 F Range: 120°F to 148°
J ASTM Thermometer Type 20F Range: 134°F to 148°F
K ASTM Thermometer Type 21 F Range : 174°F to 188°F
L ASTM Thermometer Type 22 F Range : 204°F to 218°F
M ASTM Thermometer Type 77F Range: 245°F to 265°F
N ASTM Thermometer Type 77F Range: 295°F to 315°F
O ASTM Thermometer Type 78 F Range: 345°F to 365°F
P ASTM Thermometer Type 80F Range : 395°F to 415°F
Q ASTM Thermometer Type 81F Range: 445°F to 465°F