Rolling Thin Film Oven

Model No.: SET-1319

ASTM D 2872

At Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer, we our known as the leading manufacturers and suppliers and exporters of Rolling Thin Film Oven in Delhi, India. Our range of the product is known for its handy performance, ease of operation and durability. In addition to manufacturing of the Rolling Thin Film Oven, we also take expertise in the servicing of its respective parts.

The rolling thin film oven (RTFO) test is mainly performed for the purpose of measuring the effect of air and the heat of a semisolid asphalt binder on a moving film. The results obtained from the test are then used for the measuring the properties of the binder post and after the test.

In particular, the conducting the test two times is directly associated with the accuracy over which the temperature of the oven can simply be maintained. Also, it gives an idea about the reproducible of the thermal rise time of the system. We are rolling thin film oven test manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Delhi, India.

  • The Rolling Thin Film Oven comes with double-walled construction, which are stainless steel and corrosion resistant.
  • The Oven has a temperature display for a measured temperature of upto 4-digit red LEDs
  • PID Controller is also given for controlling the temperature.
  • Features thermal protection which helps in preventing the oven from overheating in case there is a control failure.
  • The machine also has a temperature control accuracy of 0.50C upto 200oC
  • Air pressure gauge 0 to 60 PSI
  • Copper tube up to 5/16 inch for heat exchange.
  • Overall dimension H 381 mm X W 483 mm X D 445 mm ± 13 mm and weight 100kg approximately.