Refrigerated Ductility Test Apparatus

Model No.: SET-1312 (A)


Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Refrigerated Ductility Test Apparatus. The machine is manufactured in our world class manufacturing unit in compliance with international quality standards, using top-notch quality raw material.

The machine features a refrigeration system which allows it to work below in in tropical conditions below an ambient temperature of up to 8°C. Besides, the machine will perform at 27°C with proper accuracy of ± 0.5°C according to the requirement of IS. Comprising of a water bath along with a heater, it is also fitted with circulating pump which facilitates a uniform temperature of water.

The one half of the briquette moulds come equipped with a fixed plate within the water bath. While, briquette mould’s other half is attached to a carrier sliding across a threaded shaft (rotating). The gear and the motor which rotate the shaft are placed in the cabinet on another end of the bath.

The briquette moves at a speed/rate of 50 mm/min.± 2.5mm per minute and at a given temperature of 27°c ± 0.5°C. Additionally, a pointer is attached to the carrier which moves around. A scale measuring in length 0-100 cm x 1mm is affixed on the bath, and the “0” (zero) of the scale graduated towards the side of the fixed plates.