Laboratory Disk Pulverize Machine

Model No.: SET-1415


Laboratory Disk Pulverize Machine Manufacturers, we manufacturers, suppliers and exporters laboratory pulveriser machine of best quality to our clients in Delhi, India. Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer laboratory pulveriser machine increasing demand for powders of plastic, rubber or minerals of any kind as well as the constantly expanding quality requirements with regards to flow ability, bulk density, particle size distribution and grain structure, call for pulverizing systems of most modern technology.

Se-Test offers laboratory disk pulveriser machine complete standard and custom systems developed and proven in practical applications and designed for grinding materials to produce fine mesh samples ideal for use in cement and chemical industries.

  • Self contained grinder with a rotating disc having planetary movement in vertical plane
  • Reduces about 450g quartz type material to 100 mesh in one minute
  • Dia. of grinding wheel: 175mm
  • Material of grinding wheel: High Carbon Steel having 53-60 HRC hardness
  • Input of material: 6mm
  • Suitable for operation with 440V, Three Phase, A.C. supply

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