Point Load Index Tester

Model No.: SET-1507

IS 8764

The Point Load Index Tester suppliers by Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer is used for ascertaining the diametrical point load strength index of rock cores. It is also used for determining the irregular lumps which are required to be tested without any specific treatment. The point load test is specifically considered an index test for classified strength of the rock materials. This instrument is mainly utilized for field measurements on the specimen of rock. However, it can also prove to be equally effective in laboratories.

The results that are obtained from the test are then used for the purpose of predicting the uniaxial compact strength of the rock derived from correlations. Further, due to its light weight and portability feature, the point load index tester can be used in the laboratory as well as the field.

  • This equipment comes in light weight and easy to operate.
  • Specimens of rock core can be tested without any prior preparation
  • The Point Load can be used in the laboratory as well as at the site of drilling.
  • Results that are obtained from the test can also be used for predicting the compressive strength of the rock.
  • Moreover, by utilizing this instrument, a wide variety of core size can be tested
  • Loading Frame, fitted with Hydraulic Jack, hand operated, capacity 100 KN (10,000 kgf)
  • Load Gauge, 25KN (2,500 kgf)
  • Conical Loading Platens
  • Diaphragm Bolt