Mor Testing Machine

Model No.: SET-1812


The Mor testing machine is an automatic pace rate control machine that controls the rate of loading at 1 Newton per mm square per second. The capacitor of the machine is 500 kgf and the least count of 0.1 kgf with the adjustable test span. The machine is accommodated with different sizes of tile specimen to the limit of 30*30 cm. The direct reading of MOR value in KN or Kgf is working on 230 V AC.

There is a single phase of 60 Hz and PC connectivity with software which is available at the additional prices. The machine comes along with a touch screen control panel and automatic pance rate control.

The Compliance of International Standards:

The machine is produced as per the International standards: 13630 (Part-6), ISO 10545 (Part-4) As per IS : 13630 (Part – 6), ISO 10545 (Part-4), with TOUCH SCREEN control panel and automatic pace rate control to control the rate of loading at 1 Newton per mm square per second. Capacity 500 kgf. Least count 0.1 kgf. with adjustable test span to accommodate different size tile specimen up to 30 x 30 cm. Direct reading of MOR value in KN or Kgf. Working on 230 V AC single Phase 60 Hz. PC connectivity with software available at extra cost.

The specifications of the Mor Testing Machine:

The machine accommodates with tiling size of 300*300 mm, 600*600 mm, 1000*1000mm, 1200*1200 mm, 800*1200 mm. The force capacity of the machine is 500 KGF and 1000 KGF.

This Mor testing machine has an electro-mechanical design, vibration free operations that do not include noise, and the rate of loading controlled through the AC drive. The capacity of the machine is 500 Kgf with a least count of 0.1 Kgf. the accuracy of the machine is 0.2% of full scale.

The Salient Features of Mor Testing Machine:

The standard digital model of the machine with the load cell is suitable for fired sample testing on the same machine. The More Testing machine is suitable for ceramic tiles, bars as per ISO: 10545 (Part-4) and IS:13630. There is a possibility of direct reading for different shapes of tiles in square, rectangle, and, round. The direct display of loading and collapsing force with selectable test units in KG AND KN auto stop with the completion of the test. The Operation of the machine is conducted on 230 Volt, 50 Hz, Single Phase, AC Supply. The reading of the machine is saved and printed through the Computer.