Metallurgical Inverted Microscope

Model No.: SET-1812


At Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer, metallurgical inverted microscope of best quality to our clients in Delhi, India. Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer, inverted metallurgical microscope equipped with vertical illuminator having centring provision, field and aperture, diaphragm and slot for dropping filters, built-in base, variable solid state transformer.

Metallurgical Inverted RMM-88 Supplied with two coloured filters in metal mount, Rexine cover, wooden base stand with drawer and following optical combination.


Magnification Range: 20x to 400 x (Standard)
Observation Head : Binocular 45 with interpupillary and diopter adjustment
Stand: Sturdy and Durable pressure Die cast Aluminium stand.
Mechanical Stage: Co-axial low drive double plate mechanism system travel on ball bearing guide ways.
Focusing System: Co-axial coarse and fine mechanism system with ball bearing guide ways.
Epi-Illumination: Built in base 12V-50W Halogen lamp with light intensity control system.
Quadruple Nose Piece: A precision mechanism ensures the accuracy and optical alignment of the system.
Filters : Green and Blue
DIN-LWD Objectives: M4 x M10x, M20x and M40x (SL). Anti Fungal and infinity corrected.
Eye Pieces: 5x and 10x Paired.

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