Laboratory Cement Autoclave

Model No.: SET-1015

IS 4031-1968, IS 1624-1960 ASTM C 151, C 141

Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer Laboratory Cement Autoclave with model is manufacturers as per the industry defined IS 4031-1968, IS 1624-1960 and ASTM C 151, C 141 standards.

We comprises of stainless-steel cylinder and is equipped with a welded metal that is heat insulted and is given an attractive finish. The control unit surrounds a pressure gauge and sensitive pressure regulator. Power lights and power switches are also given to manage the control of electric hearing units.

The equipment comes with a spring-loaded safety valve and pressure gauge, and PID controller along with RTO used for controlling the heater unit. Cement autoclave is available with digital temp controller and analog pressure gauge.

It also houses test bar holder and specific rack for holding the specimens above water level in a vertical position for exposing them in similar manner.

The Laboratory Cement Autoclave manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Delhi, India for facilitating accelerated soundness tests on cement or it can be used for conducting autoclave expansion test.

  • Rupture Disk, Monel
  • Mortar Test Bar Holder, 10″
  • Rupture Disk, Nickel
  • Rupture Disk Holder Rupture Disk Holder

Ordinary laboratory cement autoclave with mild steel chambers are also available.