Jaw Crusher

Model No.: SET-1414


At Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer, we manufactures, suppliers and exporters laboratory jaw crusher of best quality to our clients in Delhi, India. Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer are designed for Jaw Crushers to impart on a rock particle placed between a fixed and moving jaw plate, moving jaw plate applies the force of impact on particles held against the fix jaw plate. Jaw crusher plates are bolted on heavy block. The moving jaw plate is pivoted the top end connected to an eccentric shaft. The jaw crusher retrieving action of the jaw plate is done by spring pulling system.

Jaw Crushers Features :

  • Compact and rugged for laboratory and small production units
  • Designed for speed crushing
  • Discharge opening adjustment range: 3 – 10mm
  • Manganese steel jaws adjustable up to 6 mm opening
  • 250 kg materials can be crushed in approx eight hours
  • Supported with strong steel frame
  • Voltage: 440 V, Three Phase A.C. Supply
Laboratory Jaw Crusher Size Feed Size Discharge Size Motor Capacity
4″ x 6″(100x150mm) 25 to 30mm 6mm to 20mm 3 H.P. 3 Ph 150-200Kg/hr.
6″ x 8″ (150x200mm) 45 to 50mm 10mm to 22mm 5 H.P. 3 Ph. 300-400Kg/hr.
8″ x 12″ (200x300mm) 65 to 70mm 12mm to 25mm 7.5 H.P. 3Ph. 400-500Kg/hr.
12″ x16″ (300x400mm) 90 to 100mm 15mm to 30mm 10 H.P. 3 Ph. 600-750Kg/hr.
15″ x24″ (375x600mm) 100 to 150mm 25mm to 55mm 15 H.P. 3 Ph. 1 Ton/hr.
One Point Setting