Hydraulic Static Cone Penetrometer

Model No.: SET-1246


Our company proudly takes the lead as a top Hydraulic Static Cone Penetrometer 30KN and 100KN manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in Delhi, India, with engine-driven capabilities, the need for reliable and accurate equipment becomes paramount.

We will delve into the exceptional features and specifications of our Hydraulic Static Cone Penetrometer Capacity of 30kn to 100kn, which showcases why it is the preferred choice for geotechnical professionals worldwide.

Hydraulic Static Cone Penetrometer Key Features

  • Superior load capacity of 30KN (30 kilonewtons) and 100KN (100 kilonewtons)
  • One pressure gauge of 0 to 160 kg/cm2 capacity and another from 0 to 600 kg/cm2 capacity
  • Engine driven efficiency that guarantees seamless operation, providing consistent power and reducing the reliance on external power sources
  • Ensures accurate measurements of cone resistance
  • Modular design, offering versatility and adaptability
  • Interchangeable components and various cone sizes, it can be customized to meet specific testing requirements.
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • This machine is composed of three parts:
  • o penetration car o power car and o Probe car
  • During a static detection test, the three parts are connected to the whole machine through a high-pressure hose of a hydraulic transmission system, so it is called a bulk static cone detector.
  • Each independent small size part, light weight, compact in structure.
  • It can be pulled and transported separately by special forklift trucks and can pass freely in narrow lanes of 0.9 m wide.
  • Adopt a high-strength plug-in stick, stick firmly, avoid slipping and sticking defect detection rod phenomenon.
Model Model SET1 Model SET2 Model SET3 Model SET4 Model SET5 Model SET6
Diesel engine R180 R190 R195 R1100 R1105 R1110
Penetration force 50KN 80KN 100KN 150KN 200KN 250KN
Pull force 60KN 100KN 120KN 180KN 240KN 280KN
Penetration speed 1.2 ± 0.3m/min
Pull speed .03-2.06m/min 0.92-1.84m/min
Cylinder stroke 600mm
Oil cylinder diameter D60mm D70mm D90mm D100mm D110mm D125mm
Probe diameter(mm) Ф28 Ф28. Ф33 Ф33. Ф36 Ф36. Ф40 Ф36. Ф40 Ф40. Ф42

Hydraulic Static Cone Penetrometer 30kn and 100kn Capacity stands as the top choice for geotechnical lab equipment. We provide the best quality lab equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters for hydraulic static cone penetrometer in Delhi, India, with this remarkable equipment.

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