Grout Flow Cone Test Apparatus

Model No.: SET-1031

ASTM C939 – 02

We can conduct this test both in the laboratory and in the field, for determination of the time of Grout flow cone test apparatus flux of a specified volume of the fluid hydraulic cement grout through SE-TEST Grout Test Apparatus is for use with neat grout and with grouts containing fine aggregate all passing a No. 8(2.36 mm) sieve.

The apparatus consists with steel ring stand for supporting the MS cone having inside dimensions of cone 178 mm and 265 mm height of cone. When fit with the 38 mm height and 12.7 mm inner dia of discharge tube on the bottom of cone then the total height is 303 mm. Two level indicator fitted on the top of cone and total volume of grout 1725 ±5 mL.

The Apparatus consist with:
  • Receiving Plastic Container 2000 mL and 1000 mL
  • Ring stand, or any other device capable of supporting the flow cone in a vertical, steady
  • Stopwatch