Flash Point Cleveland

Model No.: SET-2002


At Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer, we manufactures, suppliers and exports Flash Point Cleveland of best quality to our clients in Delhi, India. Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer is used for determining the flash and fire point of petroleum products. We consists of a brass cup mounted on an electric heater with a temperature controller and a thermometer (-6 C to +400 C). Se-Test and Fire Point Apparatus Electrical Heating with Energy Regulator Gas Jet Point. With Oil Wick Arrangement gas jet and oil wick arrangement combined model.

Cleavel and Flash and Fire Point Apparatus Voltage Variac (Copper Coil) Comb. Model

  • With Digital Temperature Indicator
  • Thermometer IP 28C (-5 deg. C to 400 deg. C)
  • Polish Wooden Case
  • Spare Cup With Handle
  • Spare Nichrome Element
  • L.P.G. Test Flame Container with Valve