Thickness Gauge

Model No.: SET-1427

ASTM C 1252 – 03 (PART-I) AASHTO – T 304

Fine Aggregate Angularity Number Test Apparatus determines the loose uncompacted void content of a fine aggregate material. When measured on any aggregate of a known grading, void content provides an indication of that aggregate’s angularity, spherical,and surface texture compared with other fine aggregate stested in the same grading. When void content is measured on an as-received fine-aggregate grading, it can be an indicator of the effect of the fine aggregate on the work ability of a mixture in which it may be used.

Cylindrical Measure — A right cylinder of approximately 100-mL capacity having an inside diameter of approximately 39 mm and an inside height of approximately 86 mm made of drawn copper water tube.

Funnel —The lateral surface of the right frustum of a cone sloped 60 ±4° from the horizontal with an opening of 12. 7 ±0.6-mm diameter. The funnel section shall be a piece of metal, smooth on the inside and at least 38 mm high. It shall have a volume of at least 200 mL.

Both cylinder measure and funnel has fitted on suitable mild steel frame.

Glass Plate