Engler Viscometer

Model No.: SET-2005


At Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer is one of the Engler viscometer Manufacturers, Exporter, and Supplier in Delhi, India. We are as well as the Manufacturers in Engler viscometer which built our Brand in front of the customer used to compare the specific viscosity of road-oils and tars to the viscosity of water. It consists of a water bath complete with digital precision thermoregulatory, electric stirrer, cooling device. Engler viscometer is equipped of a dual safety thermostat to prevent accidental over-temperatures.

At Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer create Design with safety and accuracy in mind, the stainless steel machine is equipped with constant digital micro-processor temperature regulation or table electronic temperature regulation (conventional model), over temperature alarm, and an insulated double wall liquid indicator, visible from the outside of the instrument, allows for easy fill without overflow while the internal light indicator alerts to low liquid levels. At Civil Lab PTFE tipped closing rod permits easy closing of the capillary hole, while the stainless steel electric heating component and cooling coil allow for quick boiling and cooling of liquids in the viscosity machine.

  • Ebonite or wooden valve
  • Flask 200ml capacity
  • Polished wooden case.
  • Thermometer 23C or 24C or 25C any one.
  • Power: 300 W
  • Dimensions: 262x262x550 mm
  • Weight approx.: 10 kg