Ductility Testing Machine

Model No.: SET-1312

IS 1208-1058 ASTM D 113, IP32, 55 AASHTO T 51

    At Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer, we manufacturers and suppliers and exporters Ductility Testing Machine of best quality and at most affordable of prices in Delhi, India. The Ductility Testing Apparatus is mainly used for the purpose of ascertaining the ductility of bitumen and asphalt.

    Ductility Testing Apparatus mainly comprises of a water bath equipped with a thermostatic heater along with a circulating pump which water temperature uniformly. The half of the briquette moulds is attached to a fixed plate in the water bath, while the other half is attached to a career that with the help of a clutch slides over the threaded rotating shaft. Besides, the gear and the which are fitted to rotate the shaft come placed in the cabinet fitted at the end of the bath.

    Ductility Testing Apparatus are 2 speeds of travel for the rotating shaft bracket, one is 5 cm/min and other is 1cm/min which are selected by the clutch. The inside of the water bath is made up of stainless steel featuring a water drain and insulation. Moreover, there is a heater with thermostatic control which also comes fitted with the apparatus. Additionally, there are control switches for stirrer, heater, motor and for indicator lamps. All the switches are given in a control panel that is situated in water bath at a proper place.

    • Ductility Mould, with Base Plate 3 Nos.
    • Thermometer IP 38° C, Range: 23° C to 27° C
    • Frequency: 50 Hz, AC Supply
    • The Machine is fitted with ½ HP motor
    • Speed: 10-50 mm/min
    • Suited for the Operation on 220 V, Single Phase