Digital Universal Testing Machine

Model No.: SET-1801


At Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer, we manufacture, suppliers and exporters Digital Universal Testing Machine of best quality to our clients across the world. At Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer is one of the best universial testing machine designed for testing metals under tension, compression, bending, transverse and shear load. Digital Universal Testing Machines load is applied by a hydrostatically lubricated ram and cylinder in turns receives pressure from the power pack. The Universal Testing Machines are Computerized models.


  • Maximum Capacity: 400 KN (40 Tons)
  • Maximum Clearances for Tensile Test: 50-600 mm
  • Maximum Clearance for Compression Test: 0-600 mm
  • Clearance Between Columns: 585 mm
  • Ram Stroke: 250 mm
  • Piston Speed No Load : minimum 10 and maximum 110 mm/m
  • Power Supply : 50 Hz, 400-440V, 3 Phases, 2.6 kW
  • For Tension Test:
  • Clamping Jaws for Round Specimen: 10-25 mm, 25-40 mm
  • Clamping Jaws for Flat Specimen: 0-15 mm
  • Maximum Width of Flat Specimen: 50 mm
  • Test Pair of Compression Plate: 150 mm diameter
  • For Transverse:
  • Test Table with adjustable rollers
  • Width of Rollers: 100 mm
  • Diameters of Rollers: 32 mm