Dart Impact Tester Machine

Model No.: SET-1336

Dart impact tester is used to identify the effect of a free-falling dart on the plastic film. The falling dart energy causes the film to fail in specified conditions. The dart head has a hemispherical structure and it is placed by a strong electromagnetic dart holder. The model of the dart impact tester is PDI-350. Introducing Dart Impact Tester:

Dart Impact Tester can be released from the holder at pressing a button. The dart impact tester can be dropped from multiple heights. The role of dart impact tester is to assess the strength and durability of plastic films and some other similar products. Dart impact tester machine is made up of a premium metallic base with robust electromagnetic dart holder assessing the impact resistance and failure of polyethylene films in specific conditions.

This dart impact tester works under both Method-A and Method-B testing. This Company is leading among Dart impact tester machine Exporters in India. They cover multiple sheets and similar products to assess their performance, and make sure if the sheet is durable and strong or not.

Applications of Dart Impact Tester:

Polythene sheets and similar products are used in various industries like plastic and automotive, which makes it crucial to test these earlier to ensure no or zero product damage. The applications of dart impact testers are useful in ensuring the fine performance of polyethene and similar products in packaging, automotive, and various other industries.

With the use of a dart impact tester machine on the plastic sheets, the industries can identify if they are providing the premium quality product to the customers or not.

This product is made with the premium metallic base, hence providing the best testing experiences. Our dart impact tester prices are affordable as per the offered quality.

Benefits of Dart Impact Tester:

  • Assessing the quality of polyethylene sheets and other similar products.
  • Identifying the failure of the sheet under specific conditions.
  • Ensuring the quality products with no or zero damage transported to the customers.
  • Handling the quality measures successfully.

Our Dart Impact Tester encompasses a range of features that enable precise and comprehensive testing of materials’ impact resistance. We are leading dart impact tester manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Delhi, India. Our dart impact tester prices are affordable as per the offered quality.