Cloud and Pour Point

Model No.: SET-2001


At Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer is a pre-eminent name and leading Manufacturers and Suppliers civil engineering lab instruments of cloud and pour point apparatus since 2005. At Civil Lab is sourced from the reliable manufacturers to ensure best quality. Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer, cloud point (section 1) is intended for use only on oils which are transparent in layers 40 mm in thickness and have cloud point below 49 °C, method for pour point (section II) is intended for use on high durability and excellent performance any petroleum oil are some of its salient features for determining low temperature properties of insulated body single, two, four and six with test apparatus.

Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer is the leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier which is manufactured for storage and movement of material and used to store approved packing material, dispensed material.

Apparatus Accessories

  • thermometer IP 1C
  • thermometer IP 2C
  • Spare glass jar
  • Spare metal jacket
  • Optional Accessories
  • thermometer IP 1C
  • thermometer IP 2C
  • cork with spare glass Jar
  • Disc with spare metal jacket
  • Single test, four test, six tests for polish wooden
  • refrigeration unit for rexine dust cover