Hand Operated Centrifuge Extractor

Model No.: SET-1305

ASTM D2172 AASHTO T-58, T-164

Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer is a leading manufacturers and suppliers of Centrifuge Extractor Hand Operated which conforms to the best industry standards. The equipment is mainly used for the purpose of checking and ascertaining the quantitative percentage of the Bitumen in the bituminous mixtures.

The Instrument is used for determination and checking of Bitumen percentage in Bituminous mix, the mix is added with a solvent and dissolved bitumen is removed by centrifugal action. Consists of a removable Aluminum rotor bowl, Capacity 1500 gms. With a cap and tightening nut. The bowl assembly is mounted on a vertical shaft, which protrudes from a cast housing. This shaft and thus the bowl is rotated fast manually by enclosed gears in the cast body and handle. Solvent is introduced during the test through the holes in the cap of the housing. A drain is provided to collect dissolved Bitumen coming out of the rotating bowl and getting collected in the housing.

The Centrifuge Extractor Hand Operated features a precision machine rotor bowl along with a bowl cover is stored in an aluminium box of cylindrical shape. Moreover, a knurled nut has been fitted for pressing the filter paper disc between the cover plate with rubber packing and the rotor bowl. The entire bowl assembly can be removed easily to determine the weight of the sample. A vertical shaft that comes out from casted housing is used for mounting the bowl assembly.

The shaft is enclosed with the bowl and is rotated manually with the help of the handle. The gears function in a housing which is casted in oil bath and splashed with lubrication. A drain is also included as an accessory to accumulate the dissolved bitumen emerging from the rotating bowl. The capacity of the bowl in in the range of 1.5 litre.

  • A cap for the bowl, which also helps prevent the leakage.
  • A nut for mainly tightening the bowl and the cap.
  • Cylindrical Aluminum rotor bowl with a capacity to carry 1500 gms sample mix, which can be removed easily.