Aggregate Impact Tester With Blow Counter

Model No.: SET-1408

IS 2386 (PART IV) 9377 BS 812:112

Aggregate Impact Tester With Blow Counter supplied by Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer has been designed robustly to give best performance. The apparatus is used for the purpose of determining the aggregate impact value of aggregates that give the related measure of the resistance of impact or shock faced by an aggregate.

The counter that comes fitted with machine records automatically the quantity of blows that has been faced by the sample. The apparatus has been manufactured in our world class manufacturing unit using best quality steel that comes with corrosion resistance quality. The Hammer of weight 13.75 +/-0.25kg which the machine features can be made to raise and fall down free along the vertical guides. Moreover, the height of the fall can be manipulated ranging between 380 +/- 5mm.

Aggregate impact test apparatus hammer is made available with the feature of lock arrangement. The hammer works by falling free to the base and it can be removed for the purpose of employing.

The aggregate impact test apparatus With Blow Counter is made available along with complete metal measure of the specification 75mm dia x50mm high. Additionally, the machine features tamping rod which is of the size of 230mm long x10mm diameter. Furthermore, there is a blow counter for counting the number of the strokes that feature on at equipment’s upper body.