Proctor Needles (Spring Type)

Model No.: SET-1216

BS 1377:4

Proctor needles are utilized for the purpose of doing a quick evaluation of the maximum soil density in the field. We at Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer are manufacturing and supplying proctor needles of premium quality. Moreover, we also take expertise in supplying of best quality spring type proctor needles in many parts of the globe.

The standard compaction curves that display the moisture contents against the densities are drawn in the laboratory utilizing the method of standard compaction. Hence, the piercing of the proctor needles is corresponding. Proctor needles are also called as the Proctor Penetrometers.

  • The Proctor Needle comprises of the needle which comes attached to a spring-loaded plunger.
  • The stem of the spring-loaded plunger is calibrated to get a reading of 0 to 40 kgs in 1 kg division.
  • The longer stem is converted at every 12.5mm in order to read the depth of the penetration and for functioning with larger areas.
  • The small penetration stem is graded in the 12.5mm division and is utilized with the needles that are of smaller areas.
  • Needle points one each of 0.25, 0.5, 1.0,1.5,2.0, 3.5, and 6.0 along with one tommy is also available.

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