Riffle Sample Divider–IS

Model No.: SET-1001

IS 1607-1960

Rifle Sample Dividers are also called as Sample Splitters with Chutes. The sample dividers enable the division of samples into subsamples that can be represented with good accuracy. Riffle Sample Divider is the most common used sampling device globally used for the preparation of representative splits free-flowing and dry products.

The technique is quick and the equipment that is supplied by Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer is economical. The equipment has been designed precisely by our expert professionals for reducing the bulk of material to an easy representative size for the purpose of laboratory analysis.

Moreover, when our range of Riffle Sample Dividers are used properly, they provide they give accuracy and efficiency that is given by them across the industry. All the more, they are tested on best quality standards which makes them highly functional and versatile equipment.

The Riffle Sample Divider that we supply comprises of a metal box which comes fitted with a range of chutes having equal width. These chutes discharge the material in an alternate opposite direction and into the pans that are separate of each other. Furthermore, the chutes that are featured in riffle are sharp enough for allowing the rapid flow of the material.

The unit offered are supplied in a range of sizes from 7 mm to 75 mm

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