Fully Automatic Compression Testing Machine with Automatic Pace Rate Controller

Model No.: SET-1001

EN 12390-3, 12390-5, 12390-6, 1338, 1340, 196 ASTM C 183 AASHTO T 127

Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer Fully Automatic Compression Testing Machine with Automatic Pace Rate Controller with model is manufacturers as per the industry defined standards. Fully Automatic Compression Testing Machine with Automatic Pace Rate Controller are the commonly required in the laboratory.

The fully automatic range of compression testing machines supplied by Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer is one of the best in its range. The machine is perfect for meeting the requirement for a consistent and proper testing of the concrete samples. Our compression machines mainly comprise of the following important parts, i.e. Frame, Data Acquisition & Control System and Power Pack. Each such important part of the machine has been fabricated with higher degree of care and mechanical adaptability to ensure smooth testing.


The load frame may be a welded steel fabrication carrying the ball-seated higher platen. absolutely situated on the loading ram that is protected against trash by a canopy, the lower platen is marked for the centering of cube and cylinder specimens. the size of the frame permit the testing of concrete cylinders up to 320mm long x one hundred sixty millimetre diameter; 100, 150, two hundred millimetre cubes. All machines area unit provided complete with fifty and a hundred millimetre solid machined distance items. To check samples shorter than a hundred and fifty millimetre additional distance items ought to be ordered. All machines are furnished with front and rear removable safety doors. All frames have one acting upstroking ram with over travel protection to prevent the motor once the most platen travel be reached.

Features :
  • Automatic testing cycle along with a standard rapid approach
  • Control system with Graphical – LCD data acquisition
  • Menu driven software for smooth operation
  • Class 1 starting from 10% of the full range
  • Accurate load rate control with in ±5 from one kN/sec to twenty kN/sec
  • Data storage up to 10000 specimens
  • SI, Metric, Imperial units
  • Software for test control
Data Acquisition And Control System:

TFT liquid crystal display (Lcd) graphics data acquisition and controls system is designed to the control machine and processing of data from load cells or pressure transducers installed on the compression testing machine frame. The easy to read LCD graphic display and touch-button data pad keys make the unit quick and straight forward to operate. All interactions with the measuring system allows real time load vs time graph or stress vs time graph using simple menu-driven procedures. The Data Acquisition and Control System is contained in light alloy housing and its design satisfies the ergonomic requirements for various use. The control unit digital graphic display allows real time load vs time graph or stress vs time graph.

The main characteristics of Frame are:
  • Individualizedfully automatic testing capacity
  • CPU card by microprocessor 32-bit arm risk architecture
  • Suitable for manual tests if required
  • Large amount of memory for storing upto 10000 test results
  • 3 different unit selection: kN, Ton, LBF, kg
  • Can control two frames (Compression and Flexural)
  • manual tests facilities
  • Multi Language Support
  • data transmission for printer or pc for Ethernet port for connecting
Power Pack:

Dual stage power pack that is controlled and designed to supply required oil to the frames. Dual stage power pack can load a specimen between one kn/ sec to twenty kN/sec. Se-Test India dual stage pump high delivery low pressure pump is used for rapid approach and low delivery high pressure radial piston pump is used for test execution.

The Main Characteristic of Power Pack :
  • 750 W power
  • Low Pressure Gear Pump and High Pressure Gear Pump
  • Real time clock and date
  • Automatic release hydraulic system
  • USB flash disc result for importing test
  • USB flash disc result for software
  • sample rate 10 data per second
  • 60-100 mm/min fast approach speed
  • 1/256000 points resolution per channel
  • 20-liter oil capacity
Safety Features

All Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer compression machines come equipped with:

  • Max pressure valve is provided to avoid overloading of machine
  • Maximum load value controlled via software
  • Front and rear gates for safety
  • Emergency stop button

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