Devel Attrition Tester

Model No.: SET-1001

IS 7535 1986 ASTM C 183 AASHTO T 127

At Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer, we manufacture, supply and export Devel Attrition Tester of best quality to our clients in Delhi, India. Lab Equipment Manufacturer offering a broad variety of Devel Attrition Tester. This is used for testing the abrasion resistance of aggregates. Se-Test devel attrition tester consists of two hollow cylinders closed at one end and provided with Fitting covers at the either end. Devel attrition tester cylinders are mounted an a shaft at angle of 300 with the axis of rotation of the shaft. Devel attrition tester shaft rotates at 30 to 33 RPM and reduction gear operated by a motor and is provided with a revolution counter. Devel attrition tester abrasive charge consisting of 12 Nos, hardened steel Balls of 48mm dia. Suitable for operation on 440 Volts, Three Phase, 50 Cycles power supply.

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