B Type Air Entrainment Meter

Model No.: SET-1001


Civil Lab Equipment Manufacturer B Type Air Entrainment Meter with model is manufacturers as per the industry defined standards. B Type Air Entrainment Meter are the commonly required in the laboratory.

Top notch High-quality type B pressure meters use to measure concrete air content include many value-added improvements. Our standard model now features with the exclusive high-quality gauge, and a new, more affordable model offers an Indian-made stainless steel gauge. Other features of the two units are identical. Long-lasting stainless-steel sustainable clamps adjust quickly and easy are less expensive to replace. Pump with large, fine-grip handle to builds pressure quickly and is shielded to keep dirt and water far from the piston area. Brass petcocks have stainless steel ball valves for accuracy and durability. Petcock handles are nickel coated for easier to operate. Calibration vessel, calibration tubes, 24inch (610mm) tamping rod, aluminum straight edge, syringe for water and operating instructions are all included. Cast aluminum chamber volume is 1/4ft³ and can also be used for unit weight and yield determinations.

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